What is the Burning Bridges Comedy Club?

Comedians Derek Minto and John Dick Winters partnered with Jeff Holt, owner of Hambone’s Pub, to  create Pittsburgh’s first and only independent stand up comedy club. The Burning Bridges Comedy Club (BBCC) will present shows Saturday night and  Sunday Nights in addition to the existing, award winning comedy open mics on Mondays and Thursdays. The Burning Bridges Comedy Club’s mission is to highlight the thriving Pittsburgh stand up comedy scene and provide a stage for burgeoning national acts.

Where is the Club? Is it part of Hambone’s Pub?

Burning Bridges Comedy Club operates as part of Hambone’s Pub in the same building. All shows will be located in the stage/dining room of Hambone’s. The address is 4207 Butler St, Pittsburgh, PA 15201

How much are shows/where can I buy tickets?

Pricing for shows may vary but usually will be between $5 and $10. Some special events may have different pricing. Tickets can be purchased at the door and onlined before shows. Additional ticketing information can be found at http://burningbridgescomedyclub.com.

Age restrictions?

All shows prior to 10pm are 16 years of age and up. After 10PM, all shows are restricted to 21 years of age and over. Content may be inappropriate for all ages.

Are there any table or item purchase minimums?  

NO! Unlike other comedy clubs,  Burning Bridges will  not require a drink/item minimum for its patrons. The club will have a full food and drink menu. Outside food and drink are prohibited.

When are shows?

Burning Bridges Comedy Club will present two (2) shows Saturday Night at 8 &10:30PM and Sundays at 9PM. Open Mics are Monday & Thursday both at 9PM.

Where can I find out about upcoming shows?

All of our upcoming events and weekly shows can be found on our website: https://www.burningbridgesfestival.com/calender/

What is ‘The Residency’?

Every Sunday, The Burning Bridges Comedy Club will produce a weekly show called “The Residency” which will feature one comic to be on every Sunday show that month. The show will encourage comics to advance their act, grow and progress while giving the audience a chance to see that happen before their eyes.. Each ‘Residency’ show will consist of several local comics and may feature some national acts.

Do you provide refunds for tickets?

We do NOT provide refunds.

Can I reserve a table for a group/Do you provide a group rate?

We do not currently provide group rates because of our size but can accommodate larger groups with notice. https://www.burningbridgesfestival.com/contact-1/

If I wanted to book a private event, who would I contact?

You can contact us at https://www.burningbridgesfestival.com/contact-1/ for rates and services.   

If I was interested in performing, how would I go about doing so?

Burning Bridges Comedy Club has open mics for comedy Mondays and Thursday nights. The open mics are a great opportunity to develop your act and to get noticed by the community. Open mics are the practice space for comics. Saturdays and Sundays are booked shows with established comics. If you are interested in stage time and you are from out of town please fill out at https://www.burningbridgesfestival.com/booking/

But I know Derek and John. Can't I just contact them directly? 

Please don't. We might be super tight friends but it really helps keep us organized and not inundated with facebook and instagram messages.