Local comedians Derek Minto and Amanda Averell are partnering with Jeff Holt, owner of Hambone’s Pub, to bring Pittsburgh’s first and only independent stand up comedy club. The Burning Bridges Comedy Club will present two shows Saturday Night and one Sunday Night in addition to the existing,  award winning comedy open mics on Monday and Thursday.

Programming will be a mix of national headliners and local talent. Unlike other comedy clubs,  Burning Bridges Comedy Club will  not require a drink/item minimum for its patrons. What the club will feature, is the full menu of food and beverage options fans of Hambone’s Pub love.   

The Burning Bridges Comedy Club derives its name from the Burning Bridges Festival. Hambone’s Pub has played host to  Pennsylvania's largest stand up comedy event for the last three years. Also, Hambone’s Pub has the city’s best and most award winning comedy open mic every Thursday along with weekend showcases. The Burning Bridges Comedy Club’s mission is to highlight the thriving Pittsburgh stand up comedy scene and provide a stage for burgeoning national acts.

Burning Bridges Comedy Club is part of Hambone's and is located at:

4207 Butler St, Pittsburgh, PA 15201