Club Cafe(56 s 12th st) is one of the best venues in Pittsburgh for comedy and music. Intimate, dark and professional. Club Cafe is owned and operated by BBF partners Opus One Productions. 

Arcade Comedy Theater(943 Liberty Ave) is located in downtown Pittsburgh and is one of the things that makes the Pittsburgh comedy scene what it is. Arcade is a truly unique place and we are lucky to have them in our community.

Hambones(4208 Butler st) is home of Pittsburgh's best open mic and more than just a venue for Burning Bridges. Owner, Jeff Holt, is a true allie not just for BBF and comedy, but for all artists in Pittsburgh looking for a home. Hambones is the official bar of BBF and Holt provides free meals for all traveling comedians.

belle note bbf.jpg

Bella Note(1914 Penn ave) is a new venue this year at BBF thanks entirely to the guys at We Got Next Comedy. These guys have been producing comedy all over the city for the past two years and they've agreed to be a part of Burning Bridges and we're so stoked.