Burning Bridges Comedy Club @ Hambone’s Presents ‘The Residency’

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January’s Comic in Residence is Helen Wildy

Helen Wildy is a stand up comedian based in Pittsburgh, PA. Originally from Belfast, Northern Ireland, Helen moved to the United States as a child and grew up in the North Hills of Pittsburgh. Helen can be found doing stand up comedy all over Pittsburgh. She has been featured in the Burning Bridges Comedy Festival and the Pittsburgh Comedy Festival in 2018. In October 2018, Helen opened for Cameron Esposito on two nights of her Person of Consequence Tour.

The Residency at Burning Bridges Comedy Club

Every Sunday, The Burning Bridges Comedy Club will produce a weekly show called “The Residency” which will give one comic a month to work on new material, hone their craft and grow as a comic.  Inspired by the NYC’s Beacon Theater and Boston’s Comedy Studio, ‘The Residency’ comic will be encouraged to hone their craft in front of an audience each Sunday for one month. The show will encourage comics to advance their act and their ability to promote themselves in the community.  Each ‘Residency’ show will consist of several local comics and may feature national acts from the Saturday line up. The resident comic will also be encouraged to collaborate with the club to program the lineup for the shows.

Who are we looking for :

Burning Bridges Comedy Club is searching for comics who are on the cusp of moving on to the next level of their craft. Each comic should have over 2 years of experience in stand up and treat their act as more than just a hobby. Comics should have at least 30 minutes worth of honed material and some skills and jokes they would like to improve upon.

  • The Resident comic will be expected to fulfill several requirements:

  • Promote their shows on social media and encourage friends and family to attend.

  • Develop and hone stand up material by reviewing their sets and eliciting feedback from the audience and club. This will include setting goals for themselves and finding areas they would like to improve in their act.

  • Collaborate with the BBCC to create the lineup and help produce the both the residency and Saturday shows.