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Joe Pettis at Burning Bridges 1030pm


The self-proclaimed “Mayor of Atlanta Comedy,“ Joe Pettis started performing in 2008 in the hopes of one day gaining enough relevance to warrant a Wikipedia page. He has since traveled across the United States sharing his stories of growing up in a single mother household, sobriety and the life before (or at least the parts he can remember), his many run ins with the law, and so many more. 

As the founder of 1UP Comedy, he is well regarded for producing some of Atlanta’s best comedy shows. He is the creator of Resurgens Fest, the only comedy festival in Atlanta to focus exclusively on local talent. His monthly Underwear Comedy Party at the Village Theatre was named one of the “9 Most Unique Concept Shows in the Nation” by Laughbutton and one of the “13 Naughtiest Things to do in Atlanta” by Thrillist. His 8-Bit Comedy show at Joystick Gamebar was named one of “5 Cool Things to Discover in Atlanta” by Rolling Stone Magazine. He is also the host of the longest running brewery show in the country, Beer and Comedy Night at the SweetWater Brewery.

His two IMDB credits (which he found after googling himself) stem from his appearances on Daytime Fighting League on Adult Swim and Getting Doug with High on VPN. He is also a regular on Doug Loves Movies and pretty much any podcast that will have him. He can also be seen multiple times in the audience at various WWE televised events because he literally has nothing better to do than hang out at wrestling shows. 

What others are saying:

“Joe Pettis represents a new breed of young adults, armed with English degrees and tattooed sleeves. With material that appeals to audiences ranging from the PBR-infused hipsters in Atlanta’s dive scene, to the Facebook/Twitter obsessed techno-crazed youths, Pettis can and will make you giggle. Small and friendly enough not to scare anyone, but still rocking enough ink and facial hair to be edgy, Pettis is successfully, but dichotomously the non-conformist boy next door.”
          - Noah Gardenswartz (Creative Loafing Magazine)

“Joe Pettis is the Bob Dylan of Stand-up Comedy. Meaning he looks homeless and you can barely understand what he’s saying, but dammit, you know somehow it’s brilliant.”
          - Kyle DeWees (Comedy Moshpit)

“He has this glimmer in his eyes like he’s about to challenge you with his wit and humor.” 
          - Sibrina Sidaris (Pack Life Collective)