When is BBF?

April 11-15th but traveling comics will be hosted Thursday-Saturday April 12-14th

What's the submission fee for and how much is it?

Your money primarily goes towards paying headliners and marketing. It costs $9.11 to submit to BBF. Never forget.

Is my fee refundable if I'm not accepted?

No. Is there some fest out there doing this?

Is there pay?

Also no. You will get a few meal vouchers and if you're down, you can crash for free at a local comic's place. We will say that paying performers is something we'd like to be able to do in the future. For now, we're just keeping the costs super low and trying to have a fun weekend.

How many sets will I get?

Every comic will get at least two, and hopefully three 8-10 minute sets.

Will there be "industry" at Burning Bridges?


What's the point then?

Cause it's fun AF and you'll meet cool people and make connections and Pittsburgh is fucking rad.

When do I find out if I got in?

Jan 15th 2018. We will not be sending out rejection letters. If you don't hear from us, it's because we hated you and you should quit comedy. Na, it's just the way fest submissions go. We have 20-30 spots and we're expecting well over 100 submissions. If you don't get in don't take it personally. We love and appreciate you. 


Anymore questions please message us.